Teamwork at its finest!

Synchronised Skating is, quite possibly, the world's fastest growing competitive sport!  

It takes hours of hard work, dedication and practice both on and off the ice to blend together between 12 and 20 individual skaters into one flowing unit! Originally known as precision skating, it combines the classical beauty and elegance of freestyle skating with the advantages of and excitement of a team sport. 

Teams are judged on their style, artistic expression, speed and overall programme difficulty.  And in a well balanced programme skaters form circles, lines, blocks, wheels, spirals, spread eagles, small jumps and intersections which are choreographed  to allow for expression and interpretation of the music.

All over the country, infact all over the world, girls, boys and even adults are getting together to create more and more synchronsed skating teams!  If you'd like to find out more about joining one of our Synchronised Skating teams, click on "How to Join"  on your left.


Snowstorm practicing off ice before the British Synchronised Skating Championships at Sheffield.